Thursday, 3 December 2015

Assignment 2 : Problem - Solution Essay

Student's Financial Problem

  Nowadays, with the living expenses keep rising, financial problems become a huge impact to all ages, especially to the student’s life. There was a study about financial among students and it was stated that females student were proved to have high financial problem than males student in Malaysia due to the financial attitude (Leila et al., 2012). Financial problems may result from poor financial management which most students have this attitude.

  One of the reasons that lead to financial problems among student is that they are using the academic fund for other purposes besides for education (Sabri et al., 2008). Some students like to buy things that they cannot afford (Jariah et al., 2004) like having new smart phone even they already have one. Besides, lack of financial education also may lead the students to the financial problems. Being lack of financial education may result to poor financial management. Being far from parental supervision for the first time, most students are failed to manage their financial. They are not able to differentiate between what is a need and what is a desire. This behavior will make the students overspend their money over their limitation.

  As a solution to these problems, students have to plan their financial properly. Create a budget is one of a good plan to manage daily or monthly expenses by listing all the expenses like education fees, books, foods, and rent (Vohwinkle, 2015).  Listing all budgets will guide students to manage the flow of their money so that they will not overspend. Other than that, consultation with a counselor and  join classes or seminar to learn about personal management also needed if the students want to improve their skill and knowledge in managing their own financial.

  As a conclusion, financial problem among students is a serious problem. Students have to plan their financial in order to avoid any financial problems in the future. Change the bad attitude when spending money could help students from experiencing the financial problem.

References :

1. Leila Falahati and Laily Hj. Paim. (2012), Experiencing financial problems among university students – an empirical study on the moderating effect of gender. Gender in Management : An International Journal, Vol. 27 No. 5, pp. 315-330

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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Argumentative Outline

All classrooms should not have air conditioner but fan.
Reason 1:
Firstly, air conditioner helps to reduce heat stroke (CBS News, 2015).
  • ·         According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, air condition is the number one protective factor against heat related - illness and death.
  • ·         Students are also vulnerable to heat related – illness because they exposed more to outdoor environment during exchange of classes.

Reason 2:
Secondly, air conditioner acts as air filtration (ASHRAE website) .
  • Almost every air conditioning system has a filter upstream of the evaporator coil.
  • This filter keep the air conditioning system clean and remove particles from the air which help students who has asthma or allergic.

Reason 3:
Finally, air conditioner is a multi – purpose.

  • ·         The air conditioner also has fan function which is to keep air circulation and also maintaining humidity. 

Monday, 30 November 2015

Process Analysis - Group Assignment

Process analysis:
1.      Miss Chaizani asked us to write a topic as our process analysis group assignment.
2.      We formed a group of 6 students.
3.      We went to library together after class Academic Writing Skill.
4.      In the library, we discussed together the topic we wish to write.
5.      We decided to write a topic regarding on “Adolescent’s Behavior Affecting by Family”.
6.      We used the computer in library to search for related books and jot down the reference numbers of those related books.
7.      Then we went to search on book racks according to reference numbers of those related books.
8.      We read the books to search for factors affecting adolescent’s behavior and the effects.
9.      We jot down related notes from the reference books.
10.  We discussed together and wrote a short paragraph on our topic (as shown in next page).
11.  We included in text citation and references used to support the evidences.
12.  We recheck the grammar and spelling of the paragraph.
13.  We took pictures of the references books used and printed out as an evidence for our topic.

14.   Lastly, the assignment was printed out and submitted together with photocopy of reference books to Miss Chaizani’s office.

Adolescent’s Behavior Affecting by Family

Many researchers had state that adolescent’s behavior may influenced by parents. Adolescents in families with more conflict have tendency to show anti-social behavior, immaturity and low self-esteem than family with low conflict (Rice and Dolgin, 2008). From family’s conflicts, the teenagers are tends to have problems in social behavior like drinking, smoking and drugs. Teenagers will follow what their parents do because parents are their role model. For example, adolescent whose grows up in a family with smoking members tends to start smoking since they are young (Egendorf, 2008). Adolescents with negative behavior may have consequences effect on family relationship and social behavior. Adolescent with negative behavior will tend to revolt their parents and quarrel with siblings. Family relationship can be affected when the conflict between family members become worse (Rice and Dolgin, 2008). In school, adolescents are exposed to problems like fighting with other classmates, trouble with grades and also conflict with teachers (Berns, 1997). Adolescent with negative behavior would not feel it is wrong to involve in social problems and this make things worse. Therefore, it is important for parent to be a good role model to their children to prevent the development of negative adolescent’s behavior.

Berns, R. M. (1997). Child, Family School, Community (Fourth ed.). United States of America: Harcourt Brace College.
Egendorf, L. K. (2008). Smoking. (L. K. Egendorf, Ed.) United States of America: Christine Nasso.
Rice, F. P., & Dolgin, K. G. (2008). The Adolescent Development, Relationships, and Culture (Twelfth ed.). United States of America: Pearson Education, Inc.

These are the copies of references that we use

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Cause & Effect Outline : Increased Rate of Road Accidents in Malaysia

Increased Rate of Road Accidents in Malaysia

a.      Hook/Attention getter :
Based on Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS), the general data of traffic accidents in Malaysia showed that there are 476,196 of road accidents in 2014 which involved 6,674 of fatalities.

b.      General statement
Road accidents in Malaysia become one of the major problems that are difficult to solve. The rates of road accidents are usually increase during festive seasons like Hari Raya, Deepavali, and Chinese New Year. Our government especially police department have been taken so many ways in order to prevent the accidents but yet the road accidents tends to occur and keep arising.

c.       Thesis statement
One of the causes that can lead to road accidents is driver’s behavior.

  1. BODY
A.    Topic sentence : Driver’s attitude or behavior is one of the major causes of road accidents.

1.      Supporting point 1 :  Most of the road accidents are affected by speeding in driving.

a.       Sub-supporting point 1 : Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) (2007) had state that vehicle that move faster have greater risk of accident.

b.      Sub-supporting point 2 : Accidents that caused by speeding are affected by other conditions like weather and road conditions.

2.      Supporting point 2 : Many drivers do not mind about themselves and other people where they like to drive recklessly.

a.       Sub-supporting point 1 : road accidents may result from breaking the road regulations such as against the traffic light.

b.      Sub-supporting point 2 : some driver are driving recklessly like talking to phone while driving and sometimes there are cases that driver are sleepy during driving.

B.    Transition paragraph
1.      Summary/conclusion :
Driver’s attitude is the main causes of road accidents mainly in Malaysia.

2.      Transitional sentence :
Therefore, as Malaysian we must have some civic consciousness in ourselves and always think about our own self and others’ safety while being on the road. 

             C.   Topic sentence 2 :
There are pro and cons situation resulted from road accidents. 

                                i.            Supporting point 1 :
The accident occur may result in deaths and serious injured to the other road users who involved in the road accidents.

a.      Sub- supporting point 1 : Through road accidents, various effect may be gain whether from physical, mental or emotional especially for the victim who survived from the road accidents. (Badarulzaman, 1996)

i.                    Sub-sub-supporting point : The victims that survived from the accidents may suffered from physical disability or even they are struggling in order to support the medical cost (Salleh, 2012).

                              ii.            Supporting point 2 :
The careless driver will be punished for their faults in driving.

a.       Sub-supporting point 1 : The punishment received which the driver have to pay summon not more than RM 6,000 or being prisoned for not more than 3 years or even both. The drivers also may have to pay not more than RM 10,000 or being prisoned for not more than 5 years or even both (JPJ. 1987)

i)                    Sub-sub supporting point : Through the accidents, the driver and other user will become more careful and they are tend to obey the traffic rules.

  3.      CONCLUSION

  1. Restatement of the thesis statement :
In the nutshell, driver’s behavior is one of the causes that can lead to road accidents.

  1. Suggestion/recommendation :
Attitude is an important value for everybody. In order to decrease the rate of road accidents, we have to change our bad attitude while driving. Love our own self and others.


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Sunday, 25 October 2015

UMT International day 2015

Assalamualaikum a good day everyone!

Last Friday and Saturday night, I and my friends went to UMT International Day 2015. The event were held at Kompleks Sukan and Kompleks Siswa UMT. On Friday morning there were several sports like football, netball, and some traditional game were held which participated by student and staff together with all the foreigner student in UMT. 

with our lecturer Dr. Zainuddin

Students that involved with the activity held

we played the traditional malay game : Congkak

At Saturday night, we had experienced many food from countries like Sudan, Jordan & Palestin, Thailand, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, Australia and also Bangladesh. This was my first exciting experience! Besides, there were also other performance like dancing and runway fashions show.

I'm with a sister and her son from Sudan

Wearing the traditional Japanese Costume 

 This event is very good to be held every year. We can experienced variety of foods and cultures from other countries. Hope to join again next time!

Friday, 9 October 2015

Practice 3 & 4 : Paraphrasing

Practice 3

1. Sentence :

The clearing of the rain forest has brought about catastrophic consequences to the environment.

                                                                             Choo, K.L., The World and You (2008)

Paraphrasing :

Destroying the rain forest may result the disastrous impact to our nature.(Choo, K.L.,2008)

2. Sentence :

The education of undergraduates id different from the education in school; undergraduates learn undee the tutelage of numerous professors of diverse expertise.
                                                                             Nair, V., The Global Education (2005)

Paraphrasing :

There is a different between education in school and undergraduates which undergraduates students learn from many lecturer and professor that have various skills and knowledge. (Nair, V.,2005)

Practice 4 

1. Sentence

Since animals share many features with humans, scientists use animals to test the safety and effectiveness of newly developed drugs before pilot testing them on small groups of patients.
                                                                   Teo Kim Mun, Treatments and Testing (2006)

paraphrasing :

Animals had been used by scientist in order to examine the safety and efficiency of a medicine since they have a lot of features like human. Test towards animals are conducted before the medicine being tested to a group of patients. (Teo Kim Mun,2006)

2. Sentence

 It is also impossible for them to focus on a book because they have short attention spans. Television, on the other hand, presents to them a different worl every 30 minutes, which holds their attention.
                                                                       Akmar Saad, The Reading Dilemma (2008)

paraphrasing :

With a short period of attention it is difficult for youth to stay focus when reading a book. Their attention can be hold if they are presented with different and various things like television does. (Akmar Saad,2008)

Friday, 2 October 2015

Academic Writing Skill Exercise (Practice 2 & 3)

Assalamualaikum and a very good day readers!

Practice 2

1. Striving for a Better Life Through Better Air Quality

Thesis statement :

The only way to effectively improve air quality is for every country around the world to play a significant role in controlling air pollution.

Main ideas and supporting point :

A. Governments should encourage research and development (R&D) work
i) Alternative to fossil fuels
ii) Hybrid and electric cars

B. Government should implement regulations
i) Environmental laws
ii) Tax relief for compliant industries

C. Government should organise environmental campaigns
i) Recycling
ii) Car pooling

2. Benefits of Keeping Fit

Thesis statement :

There are several benefits that we can enjoy when we keep our body healthy

Main ideas and supporting points :

A. One can maintain good physical health
i) Build up body's resistance to disease
ii) Improve the cardiovascular system
iii) Strengthen the muscular system

B. One can maintain good mental health
i) Improve concentration
ii) Increase mental alertness

C. One can maintain a good disposition or temperament
i) Release endorphins, the "happy" hormones
ii) Develop a positive attitude
ii) Reduce stress

3. Types of Leadership

Thesis statement : 

A leader may display one of, or a combination of the three kinds of leadership.

Main ideas and supporting points :

A. A leader may show democratic leadership
i) Put decisions to a vote of subordinates
ii) Strives for the coorperation of every subordinate

B. A leader may show paternal leadership
i) Acts like a father
ii) Gives guidance, advice and instructions.
ii) Influences by setting a good example

C. A leader may show autocratic leadership
i) Feels he should be the only one making decisions
ii) Feels he should be the only one giving orders
ii) Believes he is the only one having superior wisdom

Practice 3 : Thesis Statement Including Predictors

Here, i will rewrite the thesis statement for each question in Practice 2 by including predictors.

1. Thesis statement  : 

There are several benefits that we can enjoy when we keep our body healthy.

Thesis statement with predictors :

There are several benefits that we can enjoy when we keep our body healthy like we can maintain good physical health, maintain good mental health and we can also maintain a good disposition or temperament

2. Thesis statement :

A leader may display one of, or a combination of three kinds of leadership.

Thesis statement with predictors 

A leader may display one of, or a combination of three kinds of leadership which are democratic leadership, paternal leadership, and autocratic leadership